Cleaning Services

We’ll help your home shine like the masterpiece that it is.

Like maintenance, cleaning is something no one wants to do. That’s where we come in. The Home Maintenance Organization can provide impeccable housecleaning – everything from carpet cleaning and mopping to dusting and straightening. We even do windows. We can handle all of your house keeping and cleaning needs quickly and professionally.

The Home Maintenance Organization will meet with you and help you map out a house keeping schedule based on the size of your house and your specific needs. You decide what house keeping you want us to take care of, and how 
often you want us to come out, and we’ll take it from there. Our staff of cleaning professionals know how to get a home sparkling. We sweep behind the furniture and get into the nooks and crannys. It’s a top-to-bottom, inside- and-out, front-to-back house cleaning service.

Once you try us, you’ll find all kinds of things to do with the time you’ve freed up. After all, your time is valuable. Why spend it doing housekeeping when we can do it for you?

Home Maintenance Organization is a residential property management firm serving homeowners throughout New England. We offer a complete subscription based solution for all of your residential property maintenance, repair and management needs. Our mission is to be the premier home maintenance firm by serving our clients a broad range of services, flexible plans and affordable prices. Through our years of extensive experience in the industry we strive to provide these services efficiently and reliably. We value the trust place in Home Maintenance Organization by the homeowner and strive to deliver the best property services available in the marketplace.