Turndown Service®

A service designed to provide peace of mind while insuring a welcoming home environment when returning from a trip or when getting away to your second home.

Managing a second home is a time consuming task. There are a myriad of details to track. Countless phone calls to make. HMO can help with any or all of those details. We can customize your Turndown Service® to fit exactly what you need to make your home away from home a well-kept, cozy and welcoming place.

Just a few of the items we can help with:

  • Having the newspaper delivery stopped or started
  • Making sure the gas is turned on or off
  • Keeping the lawn and shrubs trimmed and the leaves raked so the house doesn’t look empty
  • Keeping the driveway and walkways clear of snow or blown down debris
  • Having the heat turned on when you arrive, so your house gives you a warm welcome on those chilly winter late night arrivals
  • Airing out the house and turning on the AC after a long stay away during the warm months
  • Stocking the house with your favorite grocery items upon your return
  • Doing house checks while you’re away to make sure the doors and windows are secure

One phone call is all you need to make when getting ready to go away or prior to arrival. HMO will make sure every detail previously arranged and discussed will be in place and ready for your arrival. You can truly relax with the knowledge that your home is cared for by the premier home care experts in New England.

Give us a call and talk with one of our home care specialists about how HMO can tailor a Turndown Service® plan to fit your needs. Your home is your masterpiece and we know how to treat it like one.

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