How your home can be a masterpiece.

Painting your home is one of the most time consuming aspects of home 
maintenance, as well as one of the most important. The team at the Home 
Maintenance Organization are experts in all aspects of painting, inside and out.
 When your home has been freshly painted, not only will it look it’s best, but it
 will be protected from the elements.

The Home Maintenance Organization has experience painting a wide range of exteriors, 
from the simplest cape to all shapes of commercial structures. We’ll make
 sure to repair damaged areas before painting. Our painting experts prepare 
all surfaces before applying a single coat to ensure a long lasting finish.
If you’re not sure of the color scheme, talk to our staff about what might best
 suite your home. The Home Maintenance Organization can help translate your ideas 
into colors for the house, trim and extras that coordinate with the surroundings. 
We even have a variety of faux finishes to choose from.

We also specialize in museum quality custom work. The materials we choose are top 
quality. We know what makes a great paint and always choose the best product
 for your job.

Home Maintenance Organization is a residential property management firm serving homeowners throughout New England. We offer a complete subscription based solution for all of your residential property maintenance, repair and management needs. Our mission is to be the premier home maintenance firm by serving our clients a broad range of services, flexible plans and affordable prices. Through our years of extensive experience in the industry we strive to provide these services efficiently and reliably. We value the trust place in Home Maintenance Organization by the homeowner and strive to deliver the best property services available in the marketplace.